Tuesday, January 11, 2011

E-books are the future! Celebrate with ONCEKids!

Borders Bookstore, with over 19,000 employees and stores in nearly every state, is having financial difficulty. Sales at Borders have been declining over the past five years and they have posted losses for each earning period. Borders is in the process of closing 30% of its stores. Interestingly, Barnes & Noble has posted gains and continues to do a brisk business. Why is Borders having problems and not Barnes & Noble? Experts say it has much to do with the rise of e-books and Barnes & Noble’s success at marketing their e-book readers. Barnes & Noble’s claims to have had a great holiday season and attributes their profit to high e-book reader sales. E-books are the future of reading.

ONCEKids recognizes the power of e-books. ONCEKids will be launching their Fujimini Island Adventure Series books on iBook. Young children will be able to enjoy the series digitally.

Stay tuned for the launch date!

For more information visit www.oncekids.com and explore Fujimini Island.
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