Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Kids Cry (Again) With This Year's Hilarious Halloween Candy Prank

One of my favorite parts about Halloween comes after the holiday has already passed. It’s the YouTube challenge known as “Hey Jimmy Kimmel I ate all my kids’ Halloween candy.”

 Every year Jimmy Kimmel makes kids around the country cry by challenging parents to tell the poor candy lovers that all of their hard work has been for nothing because they have eaten every last piece of their beloved Halloween candy. Of course this is not true, but the kids don’t know that. Witness crying, tantrums, knocking over chairs, and the adorable but heart breaking “oh, it’s okay” during this hilarious segment. Even after its fourth year, the prank hasn’t gotten any less funny- at least for the adults anyway. 

Click below to watch the hilarious 2014 segment of "Jimmy Kimmel I Ate All My Kids' Halloween Candy":

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