Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Best Places for Mom to Online Shop

Online shopping can be tricky- one place might have sizes that run small or you might not know if something will look good without trying it on, or you think you’ve found a great deal and then they charge a fortune for shipping. But for busy moms, these are small problems compared to the idea of carting impatient children from store to store, waiting in lines, and dealing with crowds. So what’s the best way to shop without leaving your house but also ensuring you don’t pay a fortune and are happy with your products? And importantly, where should a busy mom even go to online shop? 

The key is to treat online shopping like shopping in a store- keep all your receipts and keep track of what you’re spending and where.  Keep your anti-virus software up to date and most importantly, use common sense! 

Which leads us to where the best places to online shop are. On the Internet there are endless sites to surf and shop, but generally when you are planning on actually purchasing clothes and various items from the web, its best to stick to places you’ve heard of before, were recommended to you by someone, or have accessible reviews of the products. But you’ll find below a list of awesome sites to buy trendy clothes for your little ones at amazing prices, and even some things for you too!

Zulily features trendy products for moms, kids, and babies- so you can get all your shopping done at just one place! There is a wide variety of amazing brands but the best part is the amazing prices you can get them for- sometimes up to 70% off! And with a selection that changes daily, there is always something new to choose from. 


Find your baby/child unique and trendy clothes, toys and more at awesome prices here as well as some cool stuff for mom too! The best part about this site is that they feature a weekly offer from one of their many brand names and provide experts that create collections that you can search through to help you save time and find what exactly 
you’re looking for. 

3. MiniChic &Co

Dubbed the “e-boutique for little ladies and gents”, this site is definitely worth checking out! This place offers exceptional service, amazing brands, and unbeatable quality for children aged 0-4.

If you’re looking for impossibly cute clothes at reasonable prices, Lollipop Moon is the perfect place for you. The well-designed website makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without doing too much hunting around. Over 20 categories are featured on the side of the homepage, everything from sales to newborn clothes to a category called “trendy mom”! 

If your shopping needs involve high quality baby products such as car seats, crib bedding, diaper bags, and baby clothes- then Baby Earth should definitely make its way into your browser history. The unique store offers a range of eco-friendly and organic baby products at a good price and includes free shipping on all orders over $99!


Giggle’s website is a mother’s online dream come true. With everything from toys, bath products, nursery decor, furniture, strollers, clothes and more this site has everything you could possibly imagine for your baby or child. If the amazing selection, good prices, and aesthetically pleasing website wasn’t enough, Giggle also has their own blog- which definitely gives them an A+ in my book. 


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