Saturday, May 3, 2014

MommyBlogger Elle Walker Creates Awesome Video for Her Childless Friends

For any Mom who has ever struggled to explain to their childless friends why they are bad texters or have “disappeared off the face of the earth” for a few weeks at a time- this is the perfect video for you! Youtube star and mother of two, Elle Walker, created a humorous and spot-on video of why she is sometimes “flakey” in the eyes of her friends without kids. Walker is a viral mommyblogger, quickly becoming a superstar through her insightful, funny, and accurate videos on her Youtube channel, “WhatsUpMoms”. 

The video was originally made as a creative way to apologize to her friends for being slow to text back or not answering phone calls instead of making the same old excuses- but since being put on the web it has gained a tremendous amount of popularity since so many moms can totally relate!

Click below to watch the hilarious video by Elle Walker: To my Friends Without Kids

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