Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thank You Mom (For All the Crazy Things You've Put Up With)

Every year, Mother's Day encourages us to show our moms how much we love them and appreciate everything they do for us. As that video, The Toughest Job in the World, showed us- being a mother is no easy task. It means unlimited patience, 24 hour a day availability, being nothing short of a professional multi tasker, putting her children’s needs before her own, being a chef, as well as a pro at managing 20,000 loads of laundry, and so much more. And being a mother also means witnessing, putting up with, and doing some pretty weird stuff when it comes to their child. So for this Mother’s Day, we are inviting you to take a moment and think about all the things your mom did for you that no one (and I promise you, no one) else would have done! When we asked, these are the responses we got from real people about what their Mom did for them and what they are most thankful for.

So thank you Mom for…

"Keeping me out of jail."

 "Always being a good sport."

"Putting up with me through my teen years."

 "Not complaining when I went to college and you thought you were free from my laundry but I still brought it home on weekends."

"Not being too embarrassing the first time I brought a boy home to meet the family."

"For not letting me get that “meaningful” tattoo on my 18th birthday."

"Listening to my hours of teenage drama and resisting the urge to tell me he’s a loser and won’t matter in a year anyway."

"For functioning as a counselor/hair stylist/coach/teacher/therapist/friend/parent…sometimes all at the same time."

"Being understanding when I forget to call."

"Putting up with my middle school phase. Sorry again!"

"For being my best, and sometimes only, cheerleader."

 "For home cooked meals. Those never get old!"

"For scaring those bullies even more than they scared me."

"For keeping me in line!"

"For teaching me how to love myself."

"For being there through all my victories and losses."

"For watching The Lion King 1,000 times with me."

"For changing all those diapers."
"For putting up with not just me, but now my kids too!"

"For showing me how someone can evoke genuine terror with one look."

"And for the whole, you know, giving birth thing." 

What are you most thankful for? 

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