Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Mom's Really On Facebook

With the popularity and significance of social networking and social media sites reaching an all time high, more and more parents are tuning in to see what all the buzz is about. The results from several studies showed that around 90 percent of parents reported creating a Facebook account in order to monitor their children's online activity. These parent's indicated that being able to have access to their child's Facebook page was their initial reason for creating a page themselves- but since social media has become increasingly popular for people other than teenagers, are adults beginning to have other reasons to stay online? 

As hard as our kids may find it to believe, we aren't becoming part of the social media world solely to ruin their social life and drive them crazy. Joining Facebook provides parents the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, possibly track down an old flame, maybe even check out what became of that jerk on your track team in high school- ah with modern technology the possibilities are endless! 

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Facebook makes it easy for adults to keep in touch with far away relatives and friends, sharing pictures and comments with each other with the click of a button. 

Facebook is even creeping its way into the workforce. Countless companies are creating and maintaining Facebook accounts, blog accounts, Twitter accounts, and so on- so nowadays it wouldn't be terribly unusual for you to have to make a Facebook page for your job. 

Since 2010, the amount of mothers in America who are on Facebook has made the jump from 50 percent to over 72 percent- and is most likely only going to go up from there. 

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