Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have Fun This Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

Can you believe it's spring already? This means spring break for the kids is just around the corner!

Sipping margaritas and reading a book on the beaches of Turks and Caicos may not be in your budget this spring (don't we all wish!), but there are still lots of creative activities you can plan for spring break this year that are fun for the kids- and free for you!  

1. Set up a lemonade stand
-Set up a table and some chairs, paint a sign, and mix together some lemonade and you've got yourself a fully functioning lemonade stand! Priced at 10 or 25 cents per cup, selling lemonade is not only a great money-saving activity, the kids can even make a little pocket change. It's a fun way to keep the kids entertained and also helps you interact and socialize with the neighbors

2. Create your own outdoor water park
-Instead of spending all that money to make a day trip with the whole family to a water park (which can sound more like a nightmare than a vacation to those of us who have ever been parents to younger children), set one up in your own backyard! If the weather is nice enough, break out the slip and slide, beach chairs, sprinkler, umbrella, and snacks to create your family's own personal "water park". To make it extra fun, thrown in some water balloons and have a water balloon fight- or just watch while the kids have one! 

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3. Turn the water park into a campsite 
-Once the water park day has been concluded, and hopefully the grass has dried, turn the water park into a campsite! Gather some sleeping bags, pitch a tent, and set up a camp fire to make it feel like real camping- even if it's just in your backyard. Don't forget the sticks and marshmallows to roast some s'mores! 

4. Visit Your Town's Hot Spots 
-Plan a less stressful but equally eventful day out by staying local. Scout out your town's local hot spots and pay them a visit. Spring break is the perfect time for the family to eat at that restaurant you've always been meaning to go to, spend the day at a local park, or explore a museum nearby that would be interesting for the whole family. 

There are plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy without breaking the bank, so don't be too stressed or disappointed about not planning a tropical vacation- alas, maybe next year! 

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Keep a look out for the next part in our "Here Comes Spring!" series featuring spring cleaning!

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  1. We have our kids camp with the dog. I feel safer. Our dog is quite loud when it's not a family member.