Sunday, March 17, 2013

Everybody's Irish on Saint Patrick's Day!

Today, most likely no matter where you are in the world you'll be seeing an awful lot of green! Traditionally an Irish celebration, the popularity of St. Patrick's day continues to spread, weaving it's customs through countless cultures. So whether you're watching the parade through New York City or partying in the crowded streets of Tokyo- you'll probably be surrounded by people dressed head to toe in green, green and gold beads, and a beer in their hand. 

Since the very first Saint Patrick's Festival held in Ireland in 1996, holiday celebrations have spread to almost a five day event. Aside from Dublin, one of the biggest holiday celebrations includes the location of where Saint Patrick is rumored to have been buried- Downpatrick, County Down.

Montreal takes the prize for one of the longest-running Saint Patrick's Day parades throughout North America, being home to various holiday parades since 1824. 

Even people in Asia are starting to catch the Irish fever. Japan is now home to nine parades across the country- its first parade being put together by the Irish Network Japan in the early nineties. Seoul has been getting in the spirit of things since 1976, when the Irish Association of Korea organized their first parade.  

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On Saint Patrick's Day everyone is Irish, so join the other billions of people around the world by cracking open a Guinness and putting on something green! 

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