Monday, October 8, 2012

ONCEKids Publishing: 10 Tips for Moms Who Blog

Being a mom means helping with homework, grocery shopping, organizing play dates, rides to school, rides home from school -- you get the idea! A seemingly endless list of things to do with not nearly enough hours in the day to do them. 

So what about for our blogger moms? Managing to check off everything on your to do list and still having time to blog seems like an impossible task. 

Luckily, there are ten things you can do to stay super-mom and still have a fresh, fun blog. 

1. Keep a notebook handy
Inspiration can hit at the most unexpected times, and with all the chaos in your life you can't rely on your memory to store your brilliant idea for you. So write it down! Even if it's on a napkin, get your idea on paper so you can move on with your day and come back to it later. 

2. Have a back up blog ready
Life as a mom means a life full of the unexpected. You can't predict those days where you have a sick child, an unexpected visit, or a last minute play date. There are going to be days where you are just too busy or too exhausted to sit down and write a blog, so have one or two ready on your computer to be published at a moments notice. 

3. Have a "vacation day" from your blog
Just like with any job, we all need a day off. Plan your blog to be five or six days a week, never seven. Take a day off to relax and spend time with your family. Don't even think about your blog that day! It is important for your sanity that you don't let your blog consume your life. Take this day to pursue other interests.

4. Create a schedule 
Part of being an efficient blogger is organizing your time. Create a schedule and try to follow it as closely as possible! Plan ahead what you would like to accomplish that week and how much time you want to spend on each task. It also helps to prioritize the items from highest to lowest importance. 

5. Seek out support
Despite how it might seem, you are not alone in the world of mom bloggers! Sitting behind a computer screen can feel isolating sometimes -- so reach out! Find a group of other moms who also like to blog, or get your friends into it. Together you can share your experiences, ask for advice, and inspire each other. 

6. Cut yourself some slack
Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there! It is a lot of work and very time consuming, so try to refrain from pressuring yourself. Don't give yourself unreachable goals and get discouraged when you don't immediately reach them. Make sure you give yourself attainable goals to work towards to keep you encouraged.

7. Don't compare yourself to other moms (!)
Every mom is different and every child is different, so don't fall into that trap of comparing yourself to moms around you! A strategy that works for one family may not work for yours, and that's okay. Just hold yourself to your own standard and worry about your own family routine instead of concerning yourself with other families.

8. Treat your blog like a real job
In order to have a  successful blog, you need to treat it just like you would any other job. Give yourself hours and make sure to "show up" to them. 

9. Brainstorm a list of ideas
Take some time out each month or week to brainstorm a list of ideas you'd like to blog about. That way during those inconvenient times of writing block you can refer back to your list. 

10. Remember what is important
It is okay to get a little caught up in your blog, but don't let yourself drown in it. No matter what, your family is still the most important thing

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