Wednesday, October 3, 2012

E-Books bring Ease and Education to Amazon, Fujimini Island and more

E-books are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of reading for not just adults, but now kids too. Like with television or video games, parents are finding themselves asking the same questions about the Kindle, like how much is too much or when is it appropriate and when is it not? 

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Access to the Internet is almost unlimited these days -- you can pull up your Internet browser on your phone, laptop, television- just about anywhere it seems! With the right amount of supervision, the internet (and Kindle!) can provide a valuable tool for helping your child learn, as well as a great source of fun for them. 

The Kindle Fire includes several features to help ease parents' worries of Internet safety, including parental controls that allow you to choose what your child is allowed to access and view while using the Kindle. 

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One of parents' biggest concerns regarding this type of technology is that it will be a distraction to other things, such as homework or playing outside. The Kindle Fire provides a solution to those concerns by enabling parents to set a time limit for how long their child is able to read, play, or surf the Internet. 

The Kindle is perfect for long trips, learning, or just relaxing with a huge selection of apps and books for children. With apps ranging from Angry Birds to Dora the Explorer, children of all ages can enjoy this piece of technology. 

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