Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 Daddy Bloggers You Need To Follow

While we love our Mommy bloggers, with Father’s Day just a week away, we are honoring all the Daddy bloggers out there. In honor of the holiday, we have put together a list of our favorite Daddy bloggers that you should definitely check out. These 8 dads are putting a new and modern spin on fatherhood through their funny and honest blogs about their adventures through parenthood. 

1.  OneDad3Girls
Hilarious father Darren shares tales of what life is like as the only man in the house with his wife and two girls. In addition to his hilarious narratives, Darren also includes ideas for family days out, useful recipes, and product reviews. 

2. Diary of the Dad
Tom shares his best (and worst) stories of his two sons, Dylan and Xander, his musings on parenthood, as well as his personal reviews of various kid products and toys. He says that “despite robbing us of our sleep and destroying the house”, he can’t stop writing about his two boys.

3. DadStreet
DadStreet is the perfect blog to read for a candid, honest narrative about what life is like for dads through a dad’s lens. It is a great take on parenting from a man/father’s perspective. 

4. DaDa Rocks
DaDa Rocks as a blog that takes openly about parenthood for the father, marriage, the best products for children, news, and even sports. 

5. Dad or Alive
In addition to having an extremely catchy name, Dad or Alive is a Huffington Post blogger, former VP for Adam Sandler and Chelsea Handler, and an author. The talented writer documents his chaotic life working and taking care of his three-year-old daughter and 18-month old son through his awesomely popular blog.

6. Daddy Knows Less
Another catchy name, and an equally awesome blog. Justin Mannato offers a father’s take on the “perils and pearls” of parenthood. 

7.  Daddy’s In Charge?
John Willey narrates life as a stay at home dad with two boys through his humorous blog cleverly named “Daddy’s in Charge?”

8. Life of Josh 
Josh Wood gives us a preview of life with six children with his candid blog “Life of Josh” 

These 8 fathers are changing the game of parenting for men as well as some of the gender stereotypes associated with fatherhood and stay at home dads through their open, honest, and humorous narratives of the roller coaster ride that is parenting. We at ONCEKids commend these fathers and encourage you to read what they have to say! 

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