Sunday, September 21, 2014

Join OnceKids at the Annual Orange County Children’s Book Festival

This upcoming week on September 28th, the only children’s book festival in all of California is taking place. Over 39,000 attendees are expected this year, making it the biggest one yet! Families with children of all ages come to meet and buy books from the the 150 authors, illustrators, and publishers that will be there. And this year that list includes OnceKids

The Orange County Children’s Book Festival was created in 2004 with a vision of increasing literacy and a love of reading in children. We at OnceKids, strongly support and believe in this vision, so we could not be more thrilled to be able to be a part of it this year. Author of our beloved Fujimini Adventure Series, Eileen Wacker, admires the dedication and level of commitment made to reading by Orange County and the Corporate sponsorship required to keep this event coming back every year. 

We are excited to announce that at this event we will be launching Ms. Wacker’s seventh addition to the Fujimini Adventure Series, Blue Penguin and the Sensational Surf, as a multi-media book. It will be available in print, ebook, animated app, and dvd. The first six books will be available as well for families to buy and enjoy!

Escape for a little while and enter the Fujimini World at Booth 50, which will feature a variety of fun and exciting activities. Parents and children can watch our YouTube interviews regarding reading trends and discussions about the characters in the books, and get their picture taken or interview Jason James Richter, Anita Vora (two of our amazing actors), and author Eileen Wacker. But the fun doesn’t stop there; kids can get their face painted or temporary tattoos, play our latest game app, Fujiscene, or color in our special coloring corner. The actors and author of the animated books will perform a live rendition of the “Making of the Animated Book”, where children will laugh and learn about how our latest animated book was created. 

Join author Eileen Wacker on September 27th at the Hilton Hotel for a “Pre-Event Cocktail Hour”
Join us for gifts, conversation, and a toast to the Orange County Children's Book Festival.
Actors Anita Vora and Jason James Richter will also be present to meet and greet fans, answer questions, and talk about the animated books. 

The Pre-Event will take place at the Hilton Hotel on September 27th from 4:30 to 6pm.

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