Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bill Gates Does the Ice Bucket Challenge With Style We Could Only Expect from Bill Gates

What began as a simple goal to raise awareness towards amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known by its abbreviation A.L.S or Lou Gehrig's Disease, has turned into more than the creators of the challenge could have probably ever imagined. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" was originally thought up in an attempt to raise awareness of the disease and donations towards its research. but thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it quickly became a world-wide sensation, with everyone from your coworker to A-List celebrities participating. Last year, less than a quarter of this year's donations were raised, showing the true effectiveness of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Within the last few months, over one hundred million dollars has been collected by generous participants.

As the number of participants has increased, the number of people trying to mix it up has increased as well. Countless celebrities have posted videos of them participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, many of them trying to get creative with it in the process. For example, Matt Damon, who is known for his efforts in easing sanitation problems, used toilet water for his challenge.

So when Bill Gates accepted the challenge, it was no surprise that he would do it with such style. One would expect no less from Gates as he demonstrates his skills by designing and building his own contraption to dump the ice water on himself. The whole challenge was very- well, Bill Gates of him. And I must say, it was pretty awesome. 

Click below to watch Bill Gates' Ice Bucket Challenge:

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