Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebrate Reading on World Read Aloud Day

Help your children celebrate reading with us tomorrow during World Read Aloud Day! 

Read Aloud Day is a movement dedicated to advocating reading and literacy as a “a right that belongs to all people”. This fun and creative awareness day is celebrated around the world each year on the first Wednesday of March. 

Even as technology and all of it’s wonders advance, reading is a past time that should not be left behind. This day is purposed to remind us of the power of our words, and how that power can be used to create the changes we wish to see in the world. 

Four years ago, one little boy looked up at his teacher and said, “Mrs. Allyn, let’s make sure everyone knows how good this feels. Let’s have a holiday for the read aloud” - and then Read Aloud Day was born. Since then, it has become an international event, spreading to over one million families in more than 65 countries!  

The love of reading is often times something that begins in childhood and continues through adulthood. So parents, don’t forget to read aloud to your children! Not just tomorrow, but every night after. This is not only building a healthy and educational hobby and passion, but also giving you and your child a time to bond over a wonderful book. Studies have shown that having parents who read and emphasize the importance of reading can have a greater impact on the child’s education, skills, and reading frequency than that of household income. 

The joy, creativity, and imagination that comes from reading is something that all children should know, so help us change the world one book at a time, and participate in tomorrow’s Read Aloud Day! 

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