Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrate Being a Woman this Saturday on International Women's Day

The upcoming weekend is a time of excitement for a lot of people, for college students it may be the start of spring break, for others it may just be a time to relax. But this weekend is an exciting time for other reasons too- because on Saturday it’s not just the start of the weekend, it’s also International Women’s Day!  

International Women’s Day is a special holiday because it is a day where the whole world is celebrating and acknowledging the beauty of being a woman. This day is also for remembering the influential women in our history and how their bravery and motivation has gotten us women where we are today. In addition to honoring these women, on this day and every day after, we are encouraged to follow their example when forging ahead and creating our own milestones in gender equality. 

The message of this day deeply resonates with our own messages and beliefs at ONCEkids. We at ONCEkids applaud the accomplishments women make everyday in historical ideas and shifting societal norms. Excelling in both their careers and in their roles as mothers, modern women have achieved and are continuing to achieve what was once thought to be impossible- what we were once told was impossible. 
their home and at work. Women everywhere are stepping out of the shadows to rise above as powerful employers and employees, challenging

It is because of the women in history that were not phased by stereotypes and did not take no for an answer that we are where we are today. International Women's Day is a day dedicated to not only remembering the accomplishments of those women, but also reminding ourselves of our own accomplishments. And it is a day to not just remind ourselves of this, but also remind young girls that being a women is something to be proud of and that their future is bright and their possibilities infinite. The United States has even extended the celebration of women to the entire month, dubbing March as Women’s History Month!

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