Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Tips On Controlling Back to School Madness

Back to school can be a very hectic time with a lot of mixed emotions. Back to school means the end of those lazy summer days and relaxed schedule. For some moms, back to school send offs make them feel sad- their kids are growing and entering new stages in life- for others it means time to pop the cork off the wine bottle and celebrate! But no matter which category you fall under, there are many strategies for making this time of year as stress-free as possible. 

1. Look at the school calendar ahead of time so you can start planning
-Usually schools send out calendars of all the holiday breaks and important dates for that year towards the end of the summer. So instead of tossing it in a desk drawer to gather dust, take a look through it so you have an idea of when your kids will be off from school and can plan accordingly. 

2. Forget the back to school clothes
Instead of stressing yourself out over budgeting and back to school shopping, just forget it all together and let them wear what they are comfortable in! Summer clothes are still functional in the warm September weather, so just wait it out until after labor day when clothes are deeply discounted. 

3. Wake kids up early for pictures- Not this year! 
Instead of enduring all the complaining and fake smiles, just say forget it to the morning photo session. Wait until the end of the day when they are getting off the bus all excited from their big day to snap a few photos. 

4. Check and double check your school supplies list to make sure your kids will have everything they need on their first day
-It's embarrassing to be the one out of the group who is not prepared, and if that ends up being your child, I'm positive you will be hearing ALL about it when they get home!

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5. Have an "End of the Summer Family Activity"
Once school starts, with all sports and afterschool activities, days will become hectic and everyone will be on a different schedule, so before this happens plan one last fun summer activity that the whole family will enjoy and can do together. 

6. Start pushing back the clock before school starts
Just like with reestablishing earlier bedtimes and more structured meal times, start to slowly push back wake up time too. Especially for you mothers of teenagers who can sleep till one or two in the afternoon, gradually start waking them up a little earlier in the weeks before the end of summer. This way, getting up at 6am on the first day of school won't be a complete shock to their systems!

7. Let them choose their "first day" breakfast 
Instead of stressing yourself out on the first morning over making them a healthy breakfast, just take this one morning to let them choose what they want to eat. Even its a slice of cake- just let them have a special treat to make them happy and in a good mood on their special day!

Tell us how you help your kids get organized for back to school!

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