Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Funniest Holidays in August You Never Knew Existed

August, though a great time for vacations, seems to be one of the only months without a popular or fabulously exciting holiday. Although, August is not home to Valentine's Day, Independence Day, or Christmas, this month does happen to have a list of rather unique and pretty silly holidays that most people don't even know exist. 

1. August 2nd- National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Starting the month of right by celebrating one of America's favorite summertime treats. We have been loving this snack since 1945 and never even knew it had a day dedicated to its deliciousness! 

2. August 3rd- National Watermelon and National Mustard Day
We just love our food so much that we need back-to-back holidays to celebrate! Watermelon is another summertime favorite, so having a day set aside in August to acknowledge this refreshing treat seems very fitting to me. And when one thinks summer, hot dogs and hamburgers are two other foods that come to mind, so reserving a day for one of hot dogs and hamburgers' best friends also seems appropriate. 

3. August 6th- Wiggle Your Toes Day
Definitely one of the more outrageous holidays I have ever heard of, but it is a holiday none the less, so count me in! Pedicures anyone? 

4. August 12th- Middle Child's Day
Now this is a holiday! Until now, I never knew there was a day reserved for the children who qualified as neither the oldest nor the babies of the family. But being a middle child myself, this is a holiday I could definitely get in the spirit for. 

5. August 15th- National Relaxation Day
I never really needed a special day to get in the mood for some serious relaxation, but if it's insisted I think I can clear my schedule…

6. August 18th- Bad Poetry Day
For all you inspiring poets who just haven't quite gotten it right, do not fear there is a day reserved for you! So clear your schedules and get out your pens, it is time for some seriously bad writing. And do not be afraid to share it with the world, that is what this holiday is all about after all!

7. August 25th- Kiss and Make Up Day
Of course we would never encourage fighting in a relationship. But if you and your special someone happened to butt heads around this time, put it all behind you for Kiss and Make Up Day! 

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8. August 30th- National Toasted Marshmallow Day
The month began by celebrating food, so of course it must end that way too! Toasting marshmallows over a campfire and making S'mores is definitely up there with ice cream sandwiches and watermelon as a classic summertime activity and it's just plain fun, so why not participate in this holiday? 

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