Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, now only five days away, it is about that time where everyone is running out getting last minute gifts for Mom! I found myself brainstorming gift ideas and coming up empty. Feeling discouraged, I thought I'd do a little research. So for anyone trying to do something a little different this year, ONCEkids has put together a list of five awesome and unique present ideas for this year's Mother's Day!

1. Bath Caddy
Give your Mom the chance to unwind with a relaxing bath. This wood caddy features a book support and a holder for wine. This is the perfect way to say thanks and let her de-stress after all the hard work she has done for you as a parent!
You can find the bath caddy here at redenvelope.com

2. Iphone or Ipad Case
If your mom has jumped on the Apple train, help her get even more trendy by getting her a new case for her new gadget!
From funny to vintage, you can find any type of Iphone and Ipad case at this website-even something your mom would like!

3. Cake Pops
If your mom has a sweet tooth,  do something a little more than your typical box of chocolates by ordering her some of Shari's Berries Handmade Fancy Cake Pops. Anyone with a soft spot for chocolate will love these fun and unbelievably rich treats. 
You can order find them here: berries.com

Has your family received a NookKindle or iPad this year?  Find Fujimini Adventure Series award-winning books here.  Great family-friendly gifts.

4. Wine Sampler
If Mom is a wine lover she will absolutely love this next gift idea! Tasting Room is a personal wine-of-the-month club that sends sample packs of six miniature bottles right to customer's doors. After trying each sampler, you can go online, rate your favorites, and Tasting Room will send a shipment of 12 regular sized bottles based on your preferences. So send your mom a sampler pack and she'll be able to rate her favorites and score 12 bottles of her own to try!
Order a sampler at tastingroom.com

5. Michael Kors Watch
Not only is this emerald and gold watch gorgeous, but with every purchase Michael Kors will donate $25 to the United Nations World Food Programme. So this gift will not only make Mom happy, but it is helping combat world hunger at the same time!
"Watch Hunger Stop 100 Series Watch" michaelkors.com

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