Monday, May 20, 2013

ONCEkids Continues to Celebrate Heroic Mothers (Part Two of Three)

After gathering a list of mothers, whose stories prove so inspiring they cannot go untold, we have decided to extend our Mother's day heroes series through the end of May. One day is simply not enough to acknowledge the infinite rewards and challenges that come with being a mother. In our eyes, every mother is a hero. 

To any woman, it is not even a question whether they would protect their children's lives over their own. These next two women proved this to be true when they put their own lives in danger to protect what mattered most, their children.

Last year 36-year-old Stephanie Decker took her children to the basement seeking shelter from a tornado that was ripping its way through their home of Henryville, Indiana. As the two floors above began to collapse around them, Decker wrapped her children in a blanket and used her own body to shield them from the falling debris. This act of heroism resulted in the loss of both Decker's legs when the debris crushed her legs, as well as multiple rib fractures and a collapsed lung. 

Decker's own mother says that because of Decker's unwavering strength, determination, and resilient personality, she had no doubts she would make it through the extensive surgeries and eventually walk again

In honor of her inspiring act, Decker was given the chance to walk arm-in-arm through the oval office with President Obama, using her prosthetic legs. During her darkest hours, her children and husband are there to help her fight  through the pain and serve as a reminder that they are here today because of her

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It is every parents nightmare to hear that their child is unwell, and it is even worse to hear that they are not getting better. So when Vanessa Negrete was told that her 1-year-old daughter could not wait long enough for the next donor liver, she decided to take matters into her own hands

Since she was a perfect match and her daughter's life was in danger, she donated part of her own liver to her sick baby. 

This resulted in her becoming Arizona's first ever adult-to-child living donor liver transplant, as well as saving her baby's life

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