Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Lady in Red' lifts eyebrows at Olympic Opening

On Friday, July 27 over 700 million spectators around the world watched as world-class athletes from the globe's many countries paraded into the Olympic ceremonies.  Many countries' global identification benefitted from titled captions, soaring flags and of course their uniforms.  That is, except for one woman dressed casually in red, smiling proudly and marching along with India.

Who is this woman?  How did she sneak in? Where is she now? These are the questions that have been on the lips of  global security since the moment of broadcast.

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Definitive answers seem to have not yet been reached (and barely pursued).  But plenty of plausible potentials have been.  The woman is suspected of being Madhura Honey, a post-graduate student from Bangalore who now resides in London.  It seems she was a legitimate part (a volunteer) from the vast opening show who decided to extend her 15 minutes of fame in a cheeky nod, showing loyalty to her native land.   

To be sure, not everyone is finding humor or ease in her free-spirited red-cheeked moment.  But concerns of security were immediately extinguished as it was explained that all members of the ceremony were screened as they entered the world-class venue.  Her father, K. Nagendra, has also apologized on her behalf in case her actions embarrassed the Olympics, Olympians, officials or Indian authorities.

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The red-faced situation does bring up a difference among cultures.  While London seems to have turned their head from the embarrassment India has not.  If the incident had happened in the United States, would there be punishment, cable show banter, or worse?

Equally as important, what does Honey's Mom think of her daughter's "performance"?

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