Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ONCEKids: Enabling parents, teachers and children

ONCEKids has developed a series of books for children pre-K or nursery through second grade. The Fujimini Adventure Series references cultural symbols familiar to China, Japan and Korea. ONCEKids has conducted market research of children’s literature and has found that many Asian cultures are underrepresented in child and young adult fiction. The Fujimini Adventure Series enables parents and educators to introduce various Asian cultures to children.

Using the Fujimini Adventure Series in social studies affords the opportunity to expose children to other cultures and to learn about social responsibility. An excellent way to start teaching about the cultures of Japan, China and Korea is to brainstorm with your child or student. Learning is a process of adding new ideas to old ideas. Many children many already know about other cultures. For instance, many first graders may already have heard of sushi or bonsai trees.

Brainstorming is important to activate what a child already knows and brainstorming is the first step in acquiring new knowledge.
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