Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fujimini Adventure Series aides in School Children Collaboration

The Fujimini Adventure Series can easily meld with lessons in social studies for Kindergarten through second grade. In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster learns the importance of collaboration. Collaboration is also a critical component of teaching a child the many elements of social studies. Collaboration means working together. Learning about other cultures while learning how to work with others is a valuable lesson for a child.

There are several collaboration techniques:

1. Roundrobin – each student in turn shares something with his or her teammates.

2. Corners – each student moves to a corner of the room representing a teacher-determined alternative. Students discuss within corner, then listen to and paraphrase ideas from other corners

3. Co-op – students work in groups to produce a particular group product to share with the whole class; each student makes a particular contribution to the group

These are just a few techniques for collaborating in the classroom or with a group of kids. During the process of collaboration a child can learn many things about the other child and can learn many things about the main subject such as teamwork, Japan or even the history of birthdays.

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