Thursday, February 19, 2015

15 Hilariously Adorable Examples of Dads Doing Fatherhood the Right Way

No parent is perfect, and everyone knows that parenthood is not easy- but these dads sure do make it look cute! One of the key components of being a great parent (and for staying sane) is to keep your sense of humor, and these fathers have definitely got that down pat. Below are 15 examples of guys who are "winning at fatherhood".

#1. The Dad who turned his child's wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever

#2.The Dad who knows every Superhero needs her sidekick

#3.The Dad who knows not to move when the baby is finally asleep

#4. The Dad who knows what it takes for the perfect shot

#5. The Dad who knows how serious tea time is

#6. This Dad.

#7. The Dad who brings Mario Kart to life

#8. The Dad who knows how to relax

#9. The Dad kids look up to

#10. The Dad who lets her be the wolf

#11. The Dad who brings her along

#12. The Dad who doesn't mind a pedicure

#13.The Dad who makes lunch a superhero adventure

#14.The Dad who lets her be his stylist for the day

#15. The Dad who knows how to drop a not-so-subtle hint

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