Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creative Kid's Halloween Costume Ideas Courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres

Halloween is next week so if you are still looking for a cute and creative costume for your little one, look no further! 

Ellen DeGeneres has complied a list of kids costumes for everyone trying to do something a little different for their children this year. And trust me, these suggestions are as adorable as they are unique! For all our procrastinators out there who save costume-making for the last minute (something I am guilty of this year), no need to fret because some of these costumes are incredibly easy to put together at a moment’s notice. 

1. Flower in a Pot

Just some fake flowers, a headband, brown pants or skirt, and a plastic container are needed to put together this super cute costume.

2. Baby Einstein 

This was one of my favorite ones on the list. @ellieperillo transformed her son into a miniature Einstein using just a white onesie, a fake mustache, and some fake gray hair coloring. 

3. Little Pilot

For all arts and crafts lovers, this is the perfect costume. If you aren't good with crafts or don't have time, you can forgo the cardboard plane and put together an outfit using a hat, scarf, leather jacket, and the signature goggles. 

4. Pretty Peacock

The nice thing about this costume idea is that it can range from quick and simple to really detailed depending on how much time and energy you have to put into it. All you need for the basics are purple tights, a blue tutu, blue shirt, and a feather tail. The rest is up to you!

5. Cuddly Koala

Ellen loved this submission by @tsmurray that she added it to her list of best costumes- and we don't blame her! This little koala couldn't be cuter. 

6. Cabbage Patch Kid

All this clever costume requires is a pink shirt with a denim dress and a wig.

7. Instagram 

As a fan of social media, I obviously had to include Felicia R's clever submission from Ellen's list! 

8. A Spelling Bee


This was one of the most creative ones I came across, and not too difficult either!

9. The Simpsons

An awesome idea for family costumes!

10. Wizard of Oz

Such a cute idea for siblings. Thanks to @sefull7 for submitting this to Ellen's list!

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  1. Beautiful Halloween costume ideas! Baby Einstein is looking very cute. My nephew who is going to one of Phoenix preschool these days was quite interested in science themed party and planning to dress him like this.