Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Video Demonstrates How to Make Your Baby Stop Crying With One Song

I have seen a lot of funny videos on the Internet of babies dancing or going crazy when their favorite song comes on but this little girl’s reaction is one for the books. Uploaded on YouTube only two days ago, the hilariously cute video has already received over 3 million views! And that’s not even including the attention it’s gotten from countless blogs and Facebook shares. 

The video opens with a baby girl crying and fussing until the moment ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry comes on- and the crying instantly stops and is replaced with laughter and dancing.

I wonder if when Katy Perry recorded this song she ever thought it would be a hit with babies too, soothing them while they’re crying even. If she hasn’t already heard about the video she definitely needs to join the masses and give it a watch. 

Click below to watch the adorable video that is blowing up the Internet:

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