Friday, April 4, 2014

Children's Response to a Pregnant Woman's Worries Sends a Powerful and Heart Warming Message About Down Syndrome

A video titled, “Dear Future Mom” has gone viral, receiving over 4 million views on YouTube- and rightfully so. The powerful and touching 3 minute clip features a group of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome addressing and challenging the fears and perceptions regarding the condition. 

The idea for the video began when a pregnant woman, who had just learned her child would be born with Down Syndrome, emailed the National Association of People with Down Syndrome, expressing her worries about the kind of life she should expect her child will have. Her concerns were met with a video response featuring children with the condition reassuring the woman that she should expect that her child will lead a happy and full life, just like they all do. 

The video was released in time for World Down Syndrome Day, a day that works to advocate for the rights of those with the condition as well as raise awareness in hopes that we can all be equals in our journey towards good health and overall wellbeing. 
The message of the video was simple yet very powerful; “Dear Future Mom, your child can be happy. Just like I am. And you’ll be happy too.” 

Click here to watch the beautiful clip, “Dear Future Mom”

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