Thursday, September 6, 2012

Injuries Delay, but Don't Stop Noelle Pikus-Pace; Olympian and Modern Mom

It's never easy to be a mother; we have good days and we have bad.  When our family hurts, we hurt.  Sometimes, those hurts delay our own aspirations and goals.  But as we're about to realize: sometimes a delay is okay.  But keep going!  Be determined, be persistent. Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace teaches us to never stop on our road to Modern Mom victory!

American skeleton racer Noelle Pikus-Pace has won three medals at the FIBT World Championships, two silvers in 2005 and 2007, and one gold in 2007. 

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In 2005, after winning the silver medal in the women's skeleton event at the FIBT World Championships in Calgary, Pikus-Pace was eligible to compete at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Turin. Unfortunately, her dreams would be shattered on October 19, 2005 when Pikus-Pace was in a freak bobsleigh accident. She and teammate Lea Ann Parsley were hit by a four-man bobsleigh that failed to brake after the finish line, breaking Pikus-Pace's right leg. 

Pikus-Pace had to undergo surgery to repair her broken leg, which included the insertion of a titanium rod into her right leg. 

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Pikus-Pace returned to competing after seven weeks, placing 20th at Igls, Austria. She competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics, placing fourth, but after taking off the 2007-08 Skeleton World Cup to start a family. She gave birth to daughter Lacee Lynn Pace on January 19, 2008. She has since announced her plans to come out of retirement this summer to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics

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