Tuesday, May 29, 2012

33rd Annual World Amateur Go Championship brings Global Attention

This article was written by ONCEKids contributor Aidan Metzger.

Last week we introduced the 4,000 year old board game Go (also known as Baduk, Weiqui, Wei Ch'i).  For the first time ever the World Amateur Go Championship took place in South China, specifically Guangzhou. Daily coverage of the 33rd championship was provided by American Go E-Journal and Ranka online. 

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Guangzhou, which is over 2,800 years old, is the capital city of Guangdong Province. Over the last few years, Guangzhou has been making impressive strides in modernization. While it offers tourists a taste of unique cultural tradition with sights including the Flowery Pagoda, the Pearl River, the Temple of Six Banyan Trees, and the Baiyun Mountain, it also has worked with the recent economic development to become more fashionable. Guangzhou has made efforts towards modernization by introducing skyscrapers and hosting events, such as the 16th Asian Games in 2010

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The World Amateur Go Championship hosted 55 players, ranging from ages 13 to 67. Eleven of the 55 players are in their teens and close to half are brand new to the Championship. Four teens proved that they are the ones to watch this year. These four include 16-year-old Qiao Zhijian, who earned the right to represent China this year by winning the Evening News Cup. He defeated the Go legend, Nie Weiping, during the annual Evening News pro-amateur match. The three others to watch this year include Chen Cheng-Hsun from Taipei, who is the youngest participant this year, 14-year-old Chan Chi-Hin from Hong Kong, who placed 15th last year in the World Amateur Go Championship, and Lukas Podpera from Czechia, who won the U20 division of the most recent European Youth Go Championship. These four went up against 55 players from 55 countries including 12 in Asia, 1 in the Middle East, 30 in Europe, 2 in Africa, 4 in North and Central America, 4 in South America, and 2 in Oceania. 

Click here to see picture of the World Amateur Go Championship that took place from May 11-17

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