Friday, March 2, 2012

St. Patricks Day In China

The Chinese have no history of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but beginning in 2007, Shanghai began a new tradition that has since become an annual event. The Irish community marches proudly down the streets of Shanghai during the St. Patrick's Day Parade,  the only national day march for a foreign community authorized on mainland China. 
About 1,000 people march from the center of the city to Yandang Road, a popular shopping area, where the celebration ends with traditional music and dancing. The march is led by a kilted piper and a green-robed St. Patrick accompanied by leprechauns
Some Chinese tradition is threaded throughout the celebration with the inclusion of two green Chinese dragons in the parade. Local authorities were initially very cautious about allowing the parade, but relaxed when it appeared much more cultural rather than political. The parade is part of a week long series of Irish events in Shanghai to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. So have a drink (if you are legal) and have some fun!

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