Thursday, February 2, 2012

K-Pop Con launches, Wonder Girls on Teen Nick Feb 2

We often post about K-Pop over at Fujimini Island.  But so much is happening in K-Pop, that we decided to share here on ONCEKids as well!

This week has been a big week for K-Pop! Channel A has now introduced a new music program called K-Pop Con (korean pop concert). This week, they've brought on a collection of high-energy artists to display their talents to all K-pop fans. The show has broadcasted performances by groups such as Rainbow Pixie, Nine Muses, Fast Cat, BoM, and more. 

Our beloved Wonder Girls is releasing their first TV movie, 'The Wonder Girls', that will air on Teen Nick Thursday, February 2nd. 

Korean artist Se7en ended his long break in the music industry with the release of his new mini-album 'Se7en'. This  album features six tracks including hits such as "When I Can't Sing." Se7en is not the only artist making waves in the music industry. 

Miryo, the charismatic rapper from Brown Eyed Girls, has stepped out solo with her debut album, 'Miryo AKA Johoney'. The album consists of five tracks including songs like "Party Rock" and "I Love You, I Love You". Miryo proves her ability to change it up for the crowd with the variety of styles the album features.

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