Monday, July 4, 2011

How Does the World Celebrate on July 4?

Everyone's heard of the 4th of July! The food, the fireworks, the family! Have you ever thought that maybe July is a month of celebration for other countries too? 

The Singapore Food Festival is an annual event that takes place from the end of June to the end of July. Beginning in 1994, it is organized by the Singapore Tourism Board. 

The Singapore Food Festival consists of weekly events including themed celebrations, culinary workshops, and competitions. It has been established as a key attraction within Singapore's calendar of events. 

The food is inspired by Asian culture and heritage and focuses heavily on the use of spices. An example of a spice commonly found on the Singapore Food Festival is chili. Due to its pungent flavor chili has spread rapidly throughout Asia and has become a necessary addition to certain asian cuisines. 

Take the world famous Singapore Chili Crab for example! Yum! Fresh ginger is also an essential ingredient in most forms of chinese, indian, and southeast asian dishes. It is often used to counterbalance the "fishy" flavors and smells of certain asian foods. An example of a famous dish using the popular spice is Hainanese Chicken Rice! 

Can you imagine how much white rice is consumed during this festival since most asian dishes contain a rice for all three meals?

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